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Jodi Wynne

Jodi was born and raised in St.Louis Missouri. She has returned to Texas after a stint in the hi-desert of Southern California. She continues to be eyeball deep in the amazing journey of balancing comics and raising two boys, with new adventures always on the horizon.


Jodi studied sociology at Brandeis University and went on to earn a Masters of Architecture from Washington University in St.Louis.


In 2008, after a short lived architectural life, Jodi serendipitously found herself in the world of comics. Graphic design and lettering have become her focus where she is striving to master the subtle art of clarity, precision, and communication. She wears many hats of production and has come to joyfully embrace being at the end of the creative chain, where everything counts and deadlines are ALWAYS yesterday. 


Her other interest include health and wellness, cooking, reading, nature, being out doors, and working toward a simplified, independent and fulfilling life full of love, grace and gratitude.



Edgeworld #1-Ongoing 2020 Comixology Originals

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #1-5 2020 BOOM! Studios

Blackbird #1-6 2018-2019 Image Comics

Goliath Girls #1-5 2018-2019 Comixology Originals

The Ghost In The Shell Global Neural Network October 2018 Kodansha America

Black Magick #1-Ongoing 2015-Current Image Comics

Lazarus X+66 #1-6 2017-2018 Image Comics

The Old Guard #1-Ongoing 2017-Current Image Comics

Wonder Woman #1-25, Rebirth, 75 Anniversary Special, Annual 2016-2017 DC Comics

Lazarus #8-26 2014-2017 Image Comics

Slaves For Gods Vol.1 2017 Hermes Press

The Mission: Impossible- Torn Asunder 2015

cover colors

GI Joe The Cobra Files #3  June 2013  IDW

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters #2  June 2013  IDW

The Amazing Spider-Man #665 Variant  July 2011  Marvel Comics

Powerman and Iron Fist #2 July 2011 Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man #623,624  Mar 2010 Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man: Grim Hunt- The Kraven Saga #1  May 2010  Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man: Origin of the Hunter #1  Oct 2010  Marvel Comics

interior colors

Web of Spider-Man #7 Gauntlet Origins: Kraven  June 2010  Marvel Comics

Immortal Weapons #1 Fat Cobra: The Book of the Cobra  Sep 2009  Marvel Comics

assistant work

Lazarus #3-#8 2013 Image Comics

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger- Battle of Tull #1-5 Limited Series 2011 Marvel Comics

Daredevil #107-119, 500 2008-2009 Marvel Comics

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